Shreyashi Karki
Now you are shining over me like a star
You are gone miles away
even far away from this land
to the sky that's so high
and now you are shining over me like a star
knowing that you're gone
my heart always cries
wishing you to be here
wishing you to be near

Tears fall upon remembering the scenario
in which pipes were inserted
all inside you lean and wrinkled body
your eyes and mouth were shut but your
heart was still beating
I sat near you and watched you
helpless and fighting for every breath
but at last you lost the battle of life
and god took you far away from us
to the sky that's so high
and now you are shining over me like a star
All the doctors and nurses said that
you are gone and you are dead
but it still feels like I could
talk to you
If I picked up the phone
It was so hard to say you goodbye
and the pain was so deep inside
that couldn't be summarized in words
I simply could write.

When I lost you
I wished I could see you one more time
come walking through the door
but I know that it is impossible
I will hear your voice no more
and I know that you can feel my tears
and you don't want me to cry
yet my heart is broken
because I can't understand
why someone so precious had to die

Thinking about the days
When we used to be together
sad smiles fall upon
I loved your smile and laughter
and all those sweet moments we had
I loved the way you smiled at me
and the charming way you cared about me
Feeling and still fresh
which will last forever
As the time of departure came near
my eyes were full of fear
And I was shattered into pieces
when the time came for you and me
to be apart and say goodbye

Without you I feel as lonely as a cloud in the blue sky
But our memories are still alive
that will never die
sad smiles fall upon remembering
the good times we had
yet a tear fall by
knowing that you are in the sky that's so high
and now you are shining over me like a star.

Every night I look up in the sky
hoping if you could see me
and I know that you're looking at me
from the sky that's so high
and its really hard to bear this pain
of separation from you and me
and the pain of knowing that
this sky is between you and me
Yet you are so far, you are close to my heart
And now shining over me like a star.
By: - Shreya Shrestha , Class:10

I like people
Because they are people
See people have potential
Give me the proper people and I'll build a perfect people city
Paved roads, pretty lights and flowers all perfectly pretty.

It can be a people metropolis
But since it's a city of people
I'd have to deal with the stupid people polotics
With all their stupid polocies
That end up turning into lies and apologies.

With rich people poloticians
Who hand out slips before the elections
But after that stop paying attention.

But through this people propaganda
In this city of people
There will be a perfect me
And there will be a perfect you.

Still in this people city
People's problems pop-up too.
People pretend they don't have them
But believe me they do.

In this people city
There will still be paper money
So there will still be paper greed
Money is something we all have
But still the poor get nothing to eat.

Money infact does grow on trees
But still we don't cease to see poverty
Even the snow turns black when the moon turns her eyes
So who are we to be.

We're just people,
But I like people.

See all the paper money
Goes to funding paper wars
Small paper planes
Dropping big paper bombs
But we don't even know the cause.

We're all bound on settling scores
But the real points
The people points
Were all lost on the road
Because we're people

There is no black
There is no white
Because we're people.

In the end we are all equal
See our intolerance is like a bad movie
And I pray for no more sequels.

In the darkest depths of Pandora's box
I see hope.
Hope because we are people.

People like my parents
Who pray for my well being every single day
That's 5454 days of someone checking if I'm okay
And that's amazing.

That's years and years of unconditional affection
See I was true, people do have potential.

And in the end
There's a perfect people me
And a perfect people you.

Even if the sky were to crumble and fall
I know we'd make it through
Because we are people

And I like people.

By: - Emerald Tuladhar

Like the grey that covers me,
Similar to the blackness in the pits of distain.
I know many have tried and failed,
To lay claim on the power of my name.

Though I've been broken but never shattered,
My soul is unscarred from the cuts so deep.
Though I've been frail when it has mattered,
None have seen me weep.

No matter how great the adversities,
No matter how steep the fall.
I will still walk out unscaved,
As I will still have my soul.

Like the shade that surrounds my pressence,
Like the breath that's never enough.
I know the sands of time won't weigh me down,
I know my eyes will still look up.

Through the cruelties of change,
Like the feeble promises all but torn.
I know this blood will never stain,
For my fate I call my own.

Like the cold winds of December,
Or the calm before an insidious disaster.
I only have one thing to remember,
That my destiny is not my master.

Never have I surrendered to luck,
Nor have I ever left anything to God.
I have always had the heart to endure my consequences,
And I pray for the ones who do not.

Though I have been mislead through uncharted roads,
Though I have been betrayed by my bretheren.
I will hum my melody wherever I go,
For my life is beautiful and it shall never end.

Everlasting like the sweetness of my struggles,
Or like the undestined paths I have learned to call home.
It is not the distance between my dreams that worries me,
It is the distance between my heart and my soul.

By: - Emerald Tuladhar

The same road I had walked for so long looks unfamiliar now. The heart beats which cheered for me in my each step have lost their voice in me. The dreams that always lay asleep in my eyes are swept away somehow. The sweet voice which once enlightened me was not of an angel but was of a devil. The thought which filled my mind with happiness once brings tears in my eyes. The feelings I never gave a damn to are now like a sweet memory. The people I used to hate back then are the people I love now. The things I saw back then don’t seem the same today. The distance I had made between two things is something I should regret. There was some time when lying was only the option. There was some time when acting mischievious was fun. There was some time when brawls brought pride along. There was something when my mind said ,”Never”. Now that it has already come to an end there is nothing left but to soar to the days back then.
By: Shreyashi Karki, Class: 10
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